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Yogendra Arya


Yogendra Arya

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18th March 2021


Beyond Judging

As a child, I loved rainy season,
And then flowering springtime,
By and by as I grew up I felt so,
How so short-sighted we all are!
Just focussing on outer charms,
As we move on ahead in maturity
Then only realize the undertones
If there is no winter and autumn
How would there be rain or spring!
And then the precarious mysteries!
Of Divine Mother Nature blessings!
Now as I’ve grown up a bit more
Rising up slowly with new seedling,
Celebrating the fall of every leaf,
And the mystical flight of every bird,
Never ever to be repeated again!
Ever new ever-flowing river of life,
No flower grows twice but new!
No dry leaf falls twice but once!
Observing the Divine Drama deeply!
Beyond all likes dislikes or judging!

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Posted 11:37 am | Tuesday, 01 June 2021

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