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Daily Selected Poems : Dr.Sujata Ghosh

Dr. Sujata Ghosh   |   Thursday, 15 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Dr.Sujata Ghosh

Dr.Sujata Ghosh

Green liquid poison


I’m magical green liquid poison
Waving from so many centuries.
First man and woman both
Speak soothingly to each other over me
I love to feel their love
I love to hear their mutter …
But I’m astonished
When everyone is scared to come close
They ignore the whole world
Unconscious about whisper
Dive deeper and deeper
Red, purple, blue brewage mix with …
I feel sleepy … Intoxicated.
What about them?
I think they also feel the same …
They roll on me
Stop …Stop … don’t do ….. stop.
Why don’t you understand?
So difficult to control my sensual pleasure!
You are with your partner,
What about me?
If you don’t stop …
If you don’t stop …
If you don’t stop …
Ah! O! No!
O, Lady! my soul’s attached with your partner.
O, woman! I’m sorry!
We are very intimate now.
I can feel you.
You are my lady
Yes, you are …
Look, look at me
I got new pain of love
Can you perceive?
Try, try again and again.
I am your green liquid poison.
Feel my arms
Spreading with waves.
Your toes …… dancing on my chest.
Storm …spinning with pink cloud
Look upon the sky
Stars … So many stars!
Smiley stars reflect on me
O No! green stars!
O, My lady! see …
Green stars …
O, God! You also!
I love you, my Green Lady.
Come and roll
Make the smoke of wild lovely home.
I’m your green liquid poison.
Yes, I am yours.


Copyright@Dr.Sujata Ghosh


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Posted 7:04 pm | Thursday, 15 July 2021 |

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