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My lips taste you

Weekly Selected Poem: Kaberi Mukherjee

Kaberi Mukherjee   |   Sunday, 30 April 2023 | Print

Weekly Selected Poem: Kaberi Mukherjee

My lips taste you

My lips taste you


My lips tastes you
Blend of your alluring perfume
And the last puff of cigarette
I can smell on my T-shirt
Pulling me back to moments
Of our togetherness.
Your eagerness to take me in your arms
To love, to cuddle,
And I can feel my heart, my soul
Blushing, breathless, speechless
Melting within you.
I love my being,
My frame trembling,
Rejoicing with the sensation of fulfilment.
And when I walk down the lane
The hues of autumn beneath my feet,
I don’t know if I’ve coloured them
Or it’s them who coloured my heart!
As if they know our story of love
As if they are giggling along with my heart.
But I smile and walk along
Spreading a fistful of colours
On my part of the sky,
Our sky.


Copyright@Kaberi Mukherjee

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Posted 5:10 pm | Sunday, 30 April 2023 |

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