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Daily Selected Poems : Radhika Tytler

Radhika Tytler   |   Sunday, 21 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Radhika Tytler

Radhika Tytler


The rose said I am blooming
Feeling a bit gloomy inside
The leaf next to her said
I won’t leave you ever
I was made for you
And to be with you forever
You are so beautiful my dear Rose
I will protect you and give you
The nourishment that you require
I will stand by you
In your thick and thin
I am bonded to you For your needs and desires
I fell in love with you
Since you were
From a Bud to a Rose
You are so fragile
That I love you
From my heart to my soul
I will protect you
When the winds are strong
And love you
When on your petals the rain falls
And I shall be by your side
When the sun is strong
I guess the Almighty
Made you for me
To cherish your feelings and beauty
We will live
As long as life is with us
Dear Rose for when your petals will shed
I the leaf will subside and fall with you
We were and are and will be together
Till eternity
And Beyond!


If I perish today Would it be enough That I wrote for you in my lifetime
I search my inner self To find an ardent need to be with my God
Who gave me the gift of my penchant
I feel lonely among these flowers and trees
Either I climb a mountain or get embedded in the sea
I search for inner peace
I am lazy to the core
Waiting for an apple to fall from the tree of memories
Over the soil of my thoughts
I write endlessly
For you my lovely world
I am tired
But not enough to hurt your feelings
So I continue to write and write
To keep the pleasing smile on your face
But you are perhaps also tired of your journey of life
As we all sail in the same boat
I want to say goodbye
And go away to my
And find peace in his presence
Giving solace to my heart and mind.



Where do you go
Oh beloved Souls
To a world unknown to mankind
Thoughts creek in my wooden mind
I surpass the disillusioned heart
Peace comes when one starts defining death
Life is a station
Where we stand to go away in boogie of death
Never ever to return
And the stunning platform becomes empty with sorrow
Then more come to go away
This is a cycle
Very detached very lonely life and world I say
The day we are born
With a fragile childhood
Followed by romantic youth
And then robust middle age
Then the tiring old age
We venture in life full fledged
See beauty nurture and blossom then fade away
God is there
Hiding behind the surface of the sky
He has given us what we have
I gratify his honour presence
Nothing changes perhaps devastations
Is tampered by Gods temperament
We all are the flock
Who have been given space
In this world
Our world I shout
And when the dusk arrives
We shiver and dread the deadly dark night
Time passes
And then a Dawn is born
Joyus we are again
This is life and death subtly described
Love every moment
For time shall adorn you in the years to come
Smile always
For joy shall preside with you
In the course of your life !!!!


Copyright@Radhika Tytler

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Posted 11:07 am | Sunday, 21 November 2021 |

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