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Poetry for Peace: Madhu Gangopadhyay

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Poetry for Peace: Madhu Gangopadhyay

Madhu Gangopadhyay


They no more ride on Arabian horses
Dressed in black robes, masked.
The devil of war is naked and shameless!
He ruthlessly plunders, in hubris he basks!
Massacre, replete: children howl on streets;
Rampant bombardment humanity bleeds!
A haze of constant fear grips life
Man killing man; malice rife!
Blood-stained city, a common sight
Existence synonymous with fright
Lust for power, religious hatred brew
Results; corpse of old and young strewn!
Is this what man calls advancement?
Can man never peace augment?
Atavistic yearnings for gore and blood
Love, compassion nipped in the bud!
History’s affecting people of today who nothing know!
Oblivious of the past wrongdoings they in abhorrence grow!
The lament of widows, the cries of old men,
All so common in Gaza’s hellish den!
Awake up, oh man! Harmony unleash;
Liberate the air of gunpowder, let fresh air breathe!
It is man’s sanity that can restore order;
No divine intervention can alter these bloody activities transborder!
The curse of the fallen angel we still bear!
How foolishly Lucifer we rear!
For once oh man! Realise that humans are one breed!
To love mankind, man’s sole need!
It is Man himself who can bring about a change,
Dissipate the cloud of war; let peace reign!
Let the sun of glory inundate the human domain;
So, peace like Helios himself stride eradicating all strife and pain!


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