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Weekly Selected Poems: Sushant Thapa

Sushant Thapa   |   Monday, 09 May 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poems: Sushant Thapa

Sushant Thapa

Leaving a remark


To imprint a fair remark
Many masks have to fall.
Clarity is the fame of time
Its name is determination.
Old ways lead to new destination
When efforts are approached newly.
Possible is the meaning of faith.
Forever time ticks and flows
A moment of seeking
Is a recollection
And tomorrow is the lens of today.
Seeds do not uproot a plant
They touch the majestic skies
And do not look down upon.
Old ideas beget new ways
A traveller of time strolls with passion.
Emotive language draws a better picture,
The larger story has drops of efforts.
There is a cost of tear when a smile is put.
Copyright@Sushant Thapa

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Posted 11:50 am | Monday, 09 May 2022

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