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Ronnie Tucker


Ronnie Tucker

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6th April 2021 and 19th April 2021

You are always loved my pearl

Dedicated to my poet and dear
Friend Irish Susa thank you
Sometimes when I’m feeling down
All I have to do is turn to my heart
And my moonlight queen
As Her voice Carries in the wind and her love shines all around
I carry her love close to my soul
Her beautiful spirit I worship her from head to toe
I hold her close never to let go for we have only from sundown to sunrise
Before we must part
I cry out to my moonlight queen
Dance with me tonight
My dear
The music plays beneath your moon
Mystify me with your special smile
For my princess Irish i give you my love from afar
My head is a buzzing and I wont come down no more
Hold me in your arms and fill me up with your kisses
Before the sun comes up
And I must return to my daylight and you fade back into the twilight
All I have left is a black rose and a fleeting glimpse of a moment
that is dimmed in my memory
goodbye for now my moonlight queen
Unto tonight’s twilight shall we dance again
In my wall of dreams.

If I should die

If I should die tonight
I dont want nobody to mourn
For it is my time
I have been through many changes
I have seen many things
Tho my mind contained many things
No one will ever know
Let my ghost be
For I am ready to go to the other side
Do you remember my dreams there
I have always played with the dark and light
Never been committed to either side
I have had a sight no one ever knew I had
Even tho it was a glimmer
Inside my brain it was electric
Some kind of speak no one else could hear
Give me my wings if you believe in Angel’s and things
I’m ready to step into the darkness
For my body is tired and worn
A hell of a ride I have had
I just want to get off
Who is really jesus
If he is I hope I can have a hell of a conversation with him
And learn the secrets of hermetic knowledge
In the bliss of paradise
I close my eyes as the light becomes darkness
I look down at myself
As I leave my body and see sadness all around
I rise and rise thru voidless planes
And see many things beyond description
Is that an…….
In the distance I pass thru a darkness like a tunnel
It seems like no end finally a light
I scream as I come out of the light a new born baby
For I have been reincarnated
My life goes on in a beginning that has no end.



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