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Daily Selected Poems : Chandana Das

Chandana Das   |   Sunday, 18 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Chandana Das

Chandana Das

The path

Tired of coming on a road today
Even today I have not forgotten the talks of that evening.
Memories come while living laughs and jokes
Don’t know where the old things are lost on the new path
Gone are those days memories not gone
They also changed, I did not change.
The weather changed with every day and night
Life went on with old wounds
The new floor in front old floor kept torturing
I have forgotten your name but not your voice.
I kept forgetting my heart, my eyes kept searching for you.
Wanna go away a vibe keep dragging me
You became tough and I became soft.
Katu, you kept on speaking, you kept on suffering in pain.
You went far away, I came closer.
You kept drowning in happiness and I kept looking for light




I walked alone in that path
Where only I was myself
It was broke in such a way
Where only pain was pain

Love in the eyes, storm in the chest
The darkness of sorrows surrounded me
Loneliness was screaming with pain, but the lips were still silent.
How will I cross the boat? I only believed in God.

The hands of the increase turned into moments
He went like this by wearing the shroud.
Darbadar Chan did not get me
Even you could not find peace for the whole life.

Love does not grow by being close
Distances do not increase by going away
The relationship of love is with hearts
It’s only felt by feeling
I walked alone in that path


Copyright@Chandana Das

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Posted 12:35 am | Sunday, 18 July 2021 |

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