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Weekly Selected Poems: Dr Shalini Yadav

Dr Shalini Yadav   |   Wednesday, 11 May 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poems: Dr Shalini Yadav

Dr Shalini Yadav


I frequently recollect reminiscences
And I recall most things
To each smallest detail
I repeatedly relive those years
Somewhere deep inside my heart
And retrieve them back to my life
Those are easily apprehensible
Which I often pass through
Realization of that phase
Make me feel a bit strange
Mishmash; distress and delight
Initially, I feel overjoyed by memories
Soon after I am driven with pain
In the moments of sadness
I wish I could roll back the time
And could take all my sorrows away
But I am familiar with the fact
That both are related to each other
If I take all those sufferings away
My happiness would also be gone
So I usually strive
To accept all memories
Just as they come to me
No matter what they fetch to me
I acknowledge irrefutably
With their perceived omnipresence.


Copyright@Dr Shalini Yadav

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