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Shahnaz Parveen

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Shahnaz Parveen

Shahnaz Parveen


Father, strong faith was at your fingertips
Fistful hand, fearless in conviction
The history witnessed.

The liberation intoxicate in your blood
Bangladesh in the heart
You broke the chain of subjugation
To Independent the country

You had a thousand dreams in your eyes
Human rights
You have given a red and green flag
The door of possibilities.

A country rich in flower and crops
The hem of the mother’s sari.
Treasures creation and
the happiness of black collyrium.

Those who fail to understand you
They were the assassins.
They have tarnished the history
they are a cursed deceiver!
You are always cherished in the heart of
Twenty-two crore people.
Father, I bow to you
Innumerable love.

We have not forgotten, will not.
That black chapter,
You are ever awaken
With humble respect.

Translated by Faruk Ahmed Roni




This is the story of an unexposed dweller of the cave.
Who ignite the lights by scrubbing the stones together as of necessity only.
The rest of the time, he lives rears an obscure gloom.
He can’t turn back to his wildlife anymore.
Where the most valuable wealth of nature still stacked well in abundance.
Where written pages of the stories of true human life,
Even hand-full sunshine brings a lot of Irresistible dreams there.
Brings spark of light through peep-holes of the green,
he can’t even witness those prolong shades at noon.
He never knows that the setting sun on the skyline too wept for him once.


All rights reserve © Poet Shahnaz Parveen

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