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Global Poet : Ronnie Tucker

Ronnie Tucker   |   Wednesday, 23 June 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Ronnie Tucker

Ronnie Tucker

Poet Ronnie Tucker of  USA


Poet Ronnie Tucker was born in a small town in Illinois in 1961, went to catholic school from 1st grade to 7th grade, then moved to public school from 8th grade to 11th grade.
Ronnie worked and involved in many professions, including riverboat, construction and different labourer positions; currently, he is working for the public housing sector.
Ronnie has a passion for poetry, and he has been writing since 1979 for 41 years. The poetry he wrote earlier now they are all improvised for publication.
He has been writing for many online platforms and web portals, his poetry became popular to the readers and getting successive recognition and being awarded for his works.

He is an active writer and contributor to the Global Poet and Poetry portal and Facebook group and also received recognition for the Best Poet of the Day participation.



Poetry by Ronnie Tucker


Innuendoes in black spital stained in satin


I taste the blood, I taste the soul for I am a soul eater
In the realms of spirits, I am one, the all-seeing eye is opened
I have become a Nephilim, unto ages forgotten
I have dwelt there all for you my friends
now I have come to take my due
I stand in Congregation
Assembled from the houses where gods are born
Spitting out the tongues of Angel’s
In crimson robes, I preach fire and brimstone
I see a million visions
Out of my mouth prophecy is foretold
Ecstasy is cosmic, a skip in the timeline
Stainless and painless
Behind 10,000 glares that change with the stares
behind the weeping tree, a dying man cried
Turn out his lights
So this is death say goodbye
Breathe with me in crippled screams
As monsieur’s departure
In innuendoes, he is welcomed

I am in the vein of sleeping and sucking their madness dry
Welcome to my tongue of lifting grace
The uppers spheres they call heaven
White lady, my mageldone your thoughts are concealed
For you, I give to you the emerald I stole from Lucifer’s forehead
May it shine in immortal splendor
Nought a dog move his tongue
To each, his own in simple minds befuddled
The black rose is but bittersweet
In my hands are devils instead of Angel’s
As Aleister Crowley said do what thou wilt
And Return to the arts of the golden dawn
The eyes of the beast are watching from his shade
In possessions, I joined in parade
A shallow masque of the yes tune yours is no disgrace
Electric speak inside my brain
A metal god without a face
Is to this the Swansong must end

Ode to the dead god Apollo
who was like Achilles last stand
now but a speck in the sand
From my hollow eyes, I see a whiteout
Through the fog I have lost my way
trying to find lovecraft’s dreams of the mountain of madness
and open the id where the ancient ones dwell
For the nercronicom book is open
and the mad Arab has awaken
to unlock the chaos of the coming horde
egapmar citlucco
rae a sdnel redir yloh eht
gnilevart sdrawkcab


Static noise






Caress the soul in twilight
The sadness…

Liquid desire on fire
Release a broken heart is it easy to breathe
The darkness
A love…
So…                Far…           Away

Tears of sorrow I cry
For I fall into the fire of my destiny
As the coldness of heaven lingers on
It doesn’t mean a thing
When your tears fall like rain
Why can’t you see th…


Drink from the waters


In veiled and mourning
Evening takes a solitary day
Whispering in voices death
In the dampness follows the procession
Burning in the fires faces are illuminated
As all crumbles to dust of faded memories
O silent sky cast the shadows
and drink from the waters of sorrow
reap and repose

The flesh, the poison and the marrow
is exposed
Toss the clouds in the wind
the funeral for a friend
no time to grieve for they are long gone
only to live in the receptacles of our minds
As the hovering of Angel’s on the couch of death
sing their hymns to an uncaring God

Drink from the silent dew
The dawn is broken in a brilliant display
as the wailing is heard above the den
we see the sparks fall from heaven
as visions run from tears in the rays of light
burning in incandescent flashes
we bury the dead under the stains
that glimmer in the wastelessness
of all that is left

And when we worship so it begins
colored in purple and red
The ground consumes the flesh
o wicked have we become
as a beast we are devoured
in the tears of the sun
dying reflections of what we use to be
and death smiles at our mortality
a witness to the bitter end
For now, our children become the beast
in strange company

o astoph spiller of souls
the serpent in tongues repent
a sacrifice is bled
who are the imps called by name
the destroyer of the lost souls
are fed to the burning furnace of flames
when elephants become flying men
then and now
We naturally get high
for we are wasted and here we remain

under the spotlight, we ask our god why
but he does not hear our cries
For he has left us a long time ago
still, we drink from the waters of poisoned knowledge
no longer to mourn the funeral for a friend
at the threshold of the abyss
we stand before the corridors in twilight time
and touch the ecstasy we so desire
from the mouths, we hunger for a horn of plenty
to feed us incandescent knowledge
we ask but the beast within cries
no more
no more
for our well has become dry


Dialogues act 2


How long does it take for the devils’ daughter to
Have claws
Sweet sweet succubus goodnight my darling
Between the dark and the light
The devils’ delight
On a phantoms whim, it’s all a little bit maddening
Tis the season of the bitch
And she has come to reign
Unholy water set the altar
Unleash the Angel’s the witch is back

How long does it take to wear the mask like
the Magdalene
Her song is calling she weeps for her christ
She waits in sorrow and lamentations
Dying in pools of sadness the pain lingers on
Take off your shadow mary the angels turn away
in pity for heaven’s sake

Segue into view worshipping the same logic
The same stain in the multitude on display
In different changes, the taste is pure elegance
In desola…


Revelation 3 fold


Breathing in the sulfur drifting beyond Dante’s
Lost paradise
Ever-expanding consciousness
I cry out all my sufferings
Twas my own design
I am filtered thru shining vibrations
I bear the sounds of a talking machine
I move thru visual portents
In an ancient wink, I blink
As my godhead awakens

In the fluttering of wings
Surrounded by angels in shining faces
O the stains they bear
I hear the talking machine
Speaking in crimson fire
Beyond mortal decay
My soul is flying in Coleridge’s immortal Xanadu
In the house of the godhead
I stand before the halls and all I have been before
It’s all so beautiful and deadly
I parallel the sights
Attuned to the beauty held within
Bits and pieces move in vibrations…


Bits of madness


Here I am again.
For I hide in the shadow world
Dancing antichrist superstar
Hesitate desecrate you taste my tears
Fire fire fire
I’m am the music god don’t believe in the real
I was so beautiful but my halo has shifted
I drink from my wishing well
I call my hell
Hesitate desecrate
Have I gone to far have I gone to far
Is it the end as we come to know it
Taste my lips for they are cold
Let me give you my sweet kiss
Suffer my pain
In this veil of rain
I fall in soft refrains of my depression
For there’s no pulling out of my fire
All my passion and desire and all I am worth
Are tossed away
For I pay with my bones and flesh
In blacken heart
For one moment I did shine
In my bits of madness
Tho black and white I apologize for my own hell
That is the price I have paid
For my depression is my hell
Do you fu@kin know it really that well
Did you ever care to know my heart
My true worth
Are you the soul eater I have come to know in my private hell
I have made with my bits of madness
O fallen star
The gates in the chambers of the golden dawn
Awakens the sleeping magic of Aleister Crowley
And he has been dreaming for a long time.


Copyright@Ronni Tucker

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