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Daily Selected Poems : Reshma Sabrina Sewpath

Reshma Sabrina Sewpath   |   Tuesday, 20 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Reshma Sabrina Sewpath

Reshma Sabrina Sewpath


“Life`s lessons are compiled with the drive by of this amazing journey
that is defined by the highs and lows of a microscopic existence per individual.” Sabrina Sewpath


I am but a tiny dot rippling through a cosmopolitan world.
I have to be that Angelic presence,
obvious that my maker astute in judgment molded me with iron.
I am a created gusto of force,
to withstand this terrain of exterior barricades
giving me no prior notice of exulted execution.
This journey shows nothing short of evolved metamorphic pleasure.
Some discontents raise ahead to colossal ugly, saddened failure.
To lure into discomfort of ill sadness evaporates as fast as the sun appears.
For the wondrous scenic components of a journey this grand,
blinds the wholly sight to endure elucidated facets of a gifted life.
Encrypted within the background of a velvet reddened rose garden,
lies the dimmed apparition of my soul.
I have lost in bounties but my gain was worth of exquisiteness.
To have vanished the extensions that completed my being.
Yet when present the grip was so firm blotted only with love.
My journey is cocooned; layers beneath layers.
Each coating marvels a fondue of a different flavour
This exhilarated journey accelerates at a speed of forgiveness.
As the bad soon exhale allowing the intake of appreciation.
I have learnt, I have rebelled, I spilled the diamond dew of tears.
My most momentous reel I view in the journey of my mind,
belongs to the hilarity of my giggles.
It is a priceless journey and the chug of the train continues…


Copyright©Reshma Sabrina Sewpath

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Posted 1:46 am | Tuesday, 20 July 2021 |

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