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Daily Selected Poems : Ljiljana Hidić Pasarićek

Ljiljana Hidić Pasarićek   |   Wednesday, 07 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Ljiljana Hidić Pasarićek

Ljiljana Hidić Pasarićek

I love you in Šutnja and without words


I’ve been watching for a long time,
and I haven’t seen it.
I felt hiding from myself too.
She laughed and grieved.
Sadly offended.
She was bypassing happiness.
Breme, there under some cheap dress I wore.
On the summer thirst, she fried fears and anxiety.
In the hand, love squeezes cramped,
as an amulet for tomorrow.
All that worth it,
i hid it in there
a small handful, like a tissue once grandmothers, nona, daughter-in-law.
I hid myself in everything too.
Until one day,
one call,
one quite usually bigger didn’t show me your dear character.
Ever since then
I’m living.
I love it.
I exist,
even though the sky always sends clouds.
No, I don’t want to be a pearl,
nor salt that bites the cheeks, like it says
: ′′ Let go, it’s not for you ′′
Me, like me, I took off with my heart again.
Even though I know you’re a flash.
Ah, he’s shutting down fast.
So, be the rays of the sun because in the morning me
the only one still touches and warms you.
Be my one,
from innocent childhood dreams.
The imagination.
Be a man who knows even when he doesn’t know.
She loves even when it hurts.
just don’t hurt me
Hundreds of lives are woven into my every step before you….
So let it last…
And, it’s going on…
As long as it lasts it’s good.
Let’s let go of that madness and playfulness.
And let’s reject the nonsense.
Let’s become those who recognized themselves while waiting.
Be my prettier smile.
Who knocks down and calls Piranas for a feast.
Just don’t let me go
salt finds me again.
I love it.
I’m living.
I exist
As long as I know you are my part of the universe.
I love you in silence and speechless.


Copyright@Ljiljana Hidić

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Posted 1:37 pm | Wednesday, 07 July 2021 |

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