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Afrose Saad

Poet Afrose Saad of Bangladesh

Afrose Saad is one of the rising and talented poets of the Global Poet and Poetry group. Her official name is S. Afrose, born in Bangladesh and completed her post-graduation from Pharmacy (M Pharm). She has been involved in the awesome writing world and wishes to spread her inspirational words by the magic of ink for peace and harmony around the world and lead a lively life.
The journey at this new realm starts from August 2020 as casually, but now it turns dramatically. Some of the literary works of her published- in Bharathvision. Break thy Shackle, Dreamy Earth, A Little Touch, Blissful Earth, Merry Christmas. She finds pleasure in writing as poetry can make differences to humanity, the diversity and the political unrest in the world.

Poetry by Afrose Saad


Wait for a moment

Hey you,
Listen carefully
What’s happened
Wait for a moment

Ups and downs
Natural norms
You can’t escape
You can’t beat that

Just take a break
Wait for a moment
No haste decision
Thorough visions

The world is mysterious.
We’re bound to play roles.
At all verses
Whether bright or dark

Not need to fear
Don’t shed any tear
Wait for a moment
To awake spiritual power



Dear God
Plz help us
From all odds

Dear Lord
Plz give us another chance
To decorate thy blissful earth.

Dear Almighty
We can’t do anything.
Without thy blessing showers

Dear God
Plz pardon us
Help to shine the lovely abode.

You create this mystic earth.
We’re thy gracious love,
Don’t let to die the heavenly dove,
In this earthly existence as silly mirth.


Time tunnel

We’re bound to dance,
With the tune of time
Past-present- future
Life moves like a roller.

Time tunnel such a road
No way to go back
Be cautious for any step.
Don’t worry or regret

Myriad thoughts swaying
As mystic waver
Sometimes lovely, sometimes scary
Hold on, my dear

Let’s make thy choice.
Amidst serene place
Weave dreams for eternal earth
Life is nothing but a mystic birth.


The Pen

It’s not a mere thing.
The sword with supreme power
Can express anything
Can beat the bitter war

I have no one on this earth.
My best friend, my dear pen
My parents give me that.
To express lovely thoughts towards the world.
From that day, I’m the owner of a precious treasure.
Mystic words of a pen help me to win the realm of dreamy verse.


Reflection of thy deeds

What are you doing
Whimsical-  please, dear!
Listen, take a bit more time–
You can’t take any haste decision.
It’s thy life to lead in a lovely way.
Emotional blackmailing by the heart
Make you live on a corrosive earth
Please, dear!!! Trust thyself— reflect thy thoughts.
Which you really nourish inner mind—-
Reflection of thy deeds at all sites
May create the way of flowers or thorns attire
It’s up to you — which you want to pick
As a tattered one or a robustness costume
To protect thy yourself from all diabolical actions.


All rights reserve © Poet Afrose Saad


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