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Daily Selected Poems : Poudyal Grishma

Poudyal Grishma   |   Saturday, 04 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Poudyal Grishma

Poudyal Grishma

My ethics

If you love me, I love you double.
And if you hate me, I hate you double.
These are my ethics, you don’t need anything to say,
I will double the things and return you in the same way.
Pandemics come
And pandemics go
One year with loved ones
is blessing though.
Among my family
Some live in the east
and some in the west
But I would love all the food of different tastes.
Some say I am angry, some say I am polite
But I never prefer people who fight
Brothers and sisters are kind of quiet
I am the aggressive one among their silent type
Beauty and boldness make people’s smoother life
Proudly I say yes, I am the most bold among my siblings five.
People do whatever for money
I’ve seen around,
But my all relatives aren’t the mercenary till I found.
I always believe in the ethics of let’s wait and see,
Equally expects the friends to work like a bee.
People are generally turncoats I have ever seen,
But I am a person of bibliophile since I was teen.
People said but I never believed in omnipotence,
Some politicians say they are omniscient
But I suggest them not make fun of them and let rumours,
Quietly do your jobs and become pandemic savers.
Now this world isn’t perfect, which we all know
But together we’ll get through the highs and lows.


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