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Abdu Rahman


Abdu Rahman

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8th April 2021

The Darkness

I must travail for the worth
of estimable life, my brightest
stars come out and the sights clear
when the night gets darker,
in the night of the heaviest rain
and wind blowing,
If the roads are not clear enough
to see anything for the darkness,
I will miss chances of protecting
myself from the harmful things.
When the agonies fastened around
then nothing will remain splendidly,
The years passing in sadness,
I’m nerveless of terrific evils.
A day of dims from my vision,
But the night barely return
the nervousness.
I seek the light of my spiritual guide
but I find nowhere to put it back,
someday the bridge will be repaired
and I’ll gain my accessories.
©Abdu Rahman
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Posted 10:56 pm | Tuesday, 01 June 2021

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