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Daily Selected Poems : D.A. Simpson

D.A. Simpson   |   Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : D.A. Simpson

D.A. Simpson

Drizzle fell softly in the silence

Drizzle fell softly in the silence
that pervaded the realm at the hour of nightfall
It whispered to the shadows
which glided amid a throng of impassive trees
Like a phalanx of phantoms
in futile pursuit
of an intangible sanctuary
beyond their reach
As they brushed in vain
‘gainst the unyielding boughs
for an elusive solace
that ever hindered their senseless quest
And a spectral light from a pale moon
seeped through the deserted woods
It carpeted the inky darkness
which abided upon the forest floor
with a sheet of silver
That shimmered
in the imponderable stillness
One tenebrous evening
characterised by mists and brume

The sky blushed


A deep salmon pink
As the crepuscular firmament
from daylight to dusk did turn
When the sun, that great daystar of renown
lost its glorious face of blazing gold
the fabled lustre as old as time itself
fading now
a shadow melting into the darkness
As the hours of evening by degrees
encroached imperceptible
upon the wearying hours of day
And pestered them
Urging them to yield
to the inevitability
of the nighttide hour
As the realm prepared
for to don awhile
the sober attire of night


There is a bright light


Which emanates from beyond this mortal realm
That burns into the very soul
For to search the heart and scour the spirit
Like a coruscating sun
That disc of burnished bronze
A’dangle low in the sky at dusk
When the toil of day is done
As it awaits to consume the remains of daytide
While these remnants redundant now
Linger and tarry much
Amid the weakening embers
Of the myriad waning fires celestial
That speaks of a once upon a time
That is no more
Like a footprint of yesterday
Never again to be seen
In the dust paths of this earthly sphere



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