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Alan KKLiew

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Alan KKLiew

Alan KKLiew

With You, My Soul Is Complete

Adjacent to a mountain tall
I gaze beyond the rocky wall
Thinking of you my lady,
The lassie of my fantasy.

Now I lift up my eyes
Looking toward the sky
A star, that brilliantly shines,
Beams a light onto my mind.

The sparkling star reveals
Nature has a will that will
Radiate an emotional light
Allowing love to reign the night.

My love for you is infinite and deep
As deep as the deepest ocean.
There you flare as the precious pearl
In a placid ocean of my emotion.

Though in reverie, I am not lost
I realize you’re my ocean wide,
So on hearing its wavery roar
I proclaim, ” I love you, most of all. “

With you, my soul is complete
My blood tangos in every heartbeat
You and I in intimacy, a joyous bliss
When our lips meet in a passionate kiss.

Poetry Lives

Poetry survives
In it, there’s life.
Creative words of ecstasy
Poetry builds up lines of tranquillity.

Throughout centuries
This art will not vary,
But to him who loves
The technique lusts.

Poetry writing
Begets celestial joy
On earth its the best choice
And is an art to rejoice.

Its rhythms sing
Breeding voices of spring
Sweeter than birdies’ chirping
Like wind chime, it’s lilting.

In sorrow, it catalyzes happiness
In the sandy desert of wilderness
Its an oasis, where water exists,
Bringing solace of heavenly bliss.

Creation in rainbow of peace
Reading poem is a sumptuous feast.
Writing poem is a divine gift
In reality, poetry lives.

All rights reserve © Poet Alan KKLiew

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Posted 12:55 am | Sunday, 13 June 2021

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