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Daily Selected Poems : M Mushaid Khan

M Mushaid Khan   |   Sunday, 01 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : M Mushaid Khan

M Mushaid Khan



I’ve travelled on the opposite side
of the time zone, with bloodshot eyes
Glowing lights, brightening the City of London
I’ve seen the camouflaged grace of
earth in each turned way,
the vast night sky captured in silvery pot
all are devouring the figure of moon
I’ve heard the bargaining for time
passing through the Zebra-crossing
I’m mortgaged the golden lock
the unbound tides of Thames are here
onto the gaze of pain-buyer
the feelings of what is paralyzed
the rubbing of wheels that are endless
all are awakened each moment
the howls of the headless corpse
over my neck and among the crowd
the sum of life in sum total
crudest anxiety into the heart
the dealer of love
the rhymes of drunken on pub-walls
we’re all but expert actors
Oh wanderer, where’s thee home?
Where’s thee address? head spinning?
What is thee address, dear?
What is thee address? Where is your destination?


(Translated from the original in Bengali by Laila Ferdous)

Copyright@M Mushaid Khan

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Posted 12:10 pm | Sunday, 01 August 2021

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