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Ndue Marku


Ndue Marku

Best poem and Poet of the Day

30th March 2021 and 28th April 2021



Puts on the tired arm,
Easily over wet lawn bay,
Mountains of life lost, there,
Where the dew is forgotten;
Unit of grass treaded
From the rushed tracks of time.
Excavated on the tree,
The moon stands,
The flaming candle in my hands,
Because the night, over our heads
She threw her black handkerchief.
Don’t be scared, don’t remb..!
Come spin around me,
Like lush vine,
I become you,
The heart of your body waves,
Inside the chest that sweat.
I become you;
The eye of your beautiful face,
Getting to know…
The enigmatic of life
In my eyes…
Seeing the whole world
Spiritual, in me..!
I be;
Your last offshama,
This alienated night!
Poetry by: NDUE MARKU.
(Poetry from the book. Copyright)

Your steps…

To hear the snapping voice of horizons,
To hear your steps rushing
To the rollover,
Let me hear your sandals tacos
That jump on the cobblestones
On polished pebbles.
Your steps, your voice…
How they look in my ears,
Brings back among memories
Craving gray..!
Drives me a hiccup,
A lightning snaps
Over my wet chest.
… Be yours…
This ghost that appears to me,
Like a shadow before the eyes,
This trembling call of my name..?!
You say be you, my hope
Resurrected from the grave of silence,
That scares me inside this dream,
Covered leaves that have passed away
From the lesbian fall?!
Without understanding, the road took the turn in you,
Towards the curve, step jumps
Lost, and my mud statue
Remained supported,
Atelon of our separation..!
Don’t forget…
Because alienation will be for you too,
Do not stop trailing this poem,
Or come, tears ahead of the puzzle of life!
I caressed my forehead with my fingers,
To my statue that is left;
Lost to the meridians
Of the trembling universe..!
Copyright@Ndue Marku.


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