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Global Poet : Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

Lyn Ramos V Alfonso   |   Wednesday, 23 June 2021 | Print

Global Poet : Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

Poet Lyn Ramos V Alfonso of Philippine


Poetess Lyn Ramos V Alfonso, already well-known in the global arena, hails from Unisan, Quezon and lives with her family in Concepcion, Tarlac, the Philippines. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education, major in Mathematics at the Philippine Normal University in 1979.

Lyn is now a retired high school teacher who believes that it is never too late to set another goal or dream a new dream. She has no degree in English or Literature but is pursuing her journey through the wonderful world of poetry. Though a neophyte in this field, she has already received awards and recognitions from different poetry groups. The inspirations she gets from her loved ones, her love for nature and humanity, and her passion for learning are the motivating factors that sustain her to go on with her dreams.
Lyn has received many awards and recognition for her works, and she has been writing for many online web portals, magazines and literary journals. She is an active writer and blogger of the Global Poet and Poetry group.


Poetry by Lyn Ramos V Alfonso


A Little Act of Kindness


Be kind even if other people may be so unkind
Never be affected by their selfishness and indifference
For sure there will always be a needy in your place
And a little act of kindness is what he needs.

Be kind to a stranger who may knock at your door
A little act of kindness is what he needs
And he may be an angel sent by God
In return for your good deeds.

Be kind to every living creature
For we must share this world together
And a little act of kindness is a what we need
To live in the spirit of peaceful co-existence.


Dying In Your Arms


If I thought for just one moment
That this would be my last breath
I would caress you so tenderly
And hold you so close to me
That I could feel your heart beating
I would kiss you so sweet
And whisper how much I love you
Would you say you love me too?

If I thought for just one moment that this would be my last breath
Then I would hold your hand and won’t let you go
So I could go on my final journey
With the thoughts that we’re together in life
And through eternity.


Be as the Caterpillar


When you feel so all alone
When the world seems so dark
And there’s no one to brighten up your life
When you’re heavily ladened
And feeling that the world would crumble
Hold on to your faith
Stay steadfast and pray
Be as the caterpillar
Just as it thought the world was over
It turned to a butterfly.
Have faith that all the afflictions
Will be turned to moments of jubilation.
To the Realm of Eternity

I take pleasure in reminiscing those bygone days
When in the age of innocence, in the meadows we play
Running here and there chasing dragonflies away
Witnessing our happiness, the cerulean sky above.
That was so long ago, but as I look at the heavens
Cascading memories flashes back in my mind
And the what ifs are echoing my heart again.
Those what ifs for our love that’s meant to be
But I denied you to be my destiny.
I could never turn back the hands of time
So I have to find happiness in gazing at the cerulean sky
I close my eyes and imagine you will be there
To meet me when I finally walk that way
And we would journey together to the realm of eternity.


The Miracle of Complete Surrender


Some circumstances in our lives
Are unfathomable and beyond our control
When they make our lives miserable
Thinking that life is so unfair
Why do we have to suffer
To endure living in excruciating agony and pain
While others seem to live in eternal happiness?
Nothing can be done but complete acceptance
Accept that people don’t share the same fate and destiny
Surrender all our misery to the Lord
And have a strong faith in His plan
Trust that a day would come
When God will redeem and uplift us
Then we would feel the miracle of complete surrender
And we would live in peace and joy in His presence.


To a Dying Tree


You’re once a sturdy tree in my garden
A perfect shade for playing children
Your twigs and verdant leaves
A secured nesting place
For the lovely sparows
A reminder of God’s providence
And His everlasting compassion.

But now I can see you dying
Your yellowed leaves have started falling
Now my heart and soul is grieving
You’re dying, you’re dying
While your fruits haven’t ripen
And some fruits are still budding
My heart cries out for you
Why can’t Nature wait
At least till your fruits will be sweet?

There’s nothing I can do
I’m sorry, maybe I have hurt you
But I can’t do anything to extend your life
And I have to bear the pain of missing you
When you’ll totally be out of my sight
Your memories will stay in my heart
And I have to accept that our lives
All lies in the hands of our Creator.


Poetry Arrived in Search of Me…


In one moment of solitude
In the silence of the night
When I was gazing at the vast expanse
I suddenly realized
That I’d long been staring at a dead star
A dead star, still shining at the skies
Though she had long lost her glory.

And poetry arrived in search of me
My heart cried out for the pain
That I endured for a long time
And my hands gathered those blank pages
Held my pen and scribbled the words
The words which my lips couldn’t utter
But my heart wanted to shout loud.
And poetry and I started to be one.

Copyright 2021@Lyn Ramos V Alfonso


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