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Daily Selected Poems : Ynes Carpintero

Ynes Carpintero   |   Friday, 09 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Ynes Carpintero

Ynes Carpintero

My soul


My soul unfolds when I want to have you.
As I close my eyes your image takes over my mind
and my thoughts fly on the wings of my soul towards you.
It is an extraordinary sensation of living,
your body is undressed and your soul moves away from you.
Your breathing stops for a moment, you feel like dying
and she without contemplation of you walks away.
At the moment it invades you and I think I am by your side,
but I am not by your side, I am inside you.
I feel how I breathe for you, how your heart beats intertwined with mine.
The heat of your blood burns me as if it were flowing through my veins,
I hug you and it is not just any hug,
it is a hug from the inside as if it were hugging your thoughts.
I feel how every pore of your skin bristles, which in those moments is my skin
Your wishes are my wishes, your wishes are my wishes
and your dreams are my dreams.
I am in you ..
And then when dawn comes I don’t want to part with you.
I would like to live in you forever.
And my soul does not understand that I am dying without it.
And my body is torn between living with my soul and without you
or living in you with my soul but without me.
And it’s so hard to live without you
That many times I have dreamed of staying with you.
Copyrigh@Ynes Carpintero
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Posted 12:02 am | Friday, 09 July 2021 |

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