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Daily Selected Poem: Ynes Carpintero

Ynes Carpintero   |   Tuesday, 02 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poem: Ynes Carpintero

Ynes Carpintero

I would like to be the kiss

I would like to be the kiss that slides slowly over your wet skin and fills your anxious body with pleasure.
The kisses that your lips crave and explode like a supernova in the galaxy of your mouth.
Those that fill the pores of your skin with hedgehogs.
The kiss shudders as it travels your neck.
The one that slides through your ecstatic mind …
The one who fills with love until the last
fibre of your heart.
The one that makes you vibrate when it leaves the moisture and cold of his fragrant breath on your skin.
The kiss that takes you to heaven, the one that causes a moan, when you reach the top, in the pink of your mountains.
The one that covers your estuaries, your slopes, your valleys with pleasure.
The one who floods with light
your dark paths like a swollen river.
The fertile land, the abyss, the swamp of your passion.
The one that leaves you embarrassed as you go down the lines of his firm breasts.
The one that messes up your indecent thoughts and takes you to the bottom of your pleasure.
The kiss that makes you sigh in ecstasy at the entrance of my temple.
Those kisses that we give each other when we surrender to the vice of sex and love.
Copyright@Ynes Carpintero
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Posted 5:30 pm | Tuesday, 02 November 2021

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