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Daily Selected Poems : Marwa Gally

Marwa Gally   |   Sunday, 04 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Marwa Gally

Marwa Gally

Mr Optimism


Believe me
We’re still human
We still humanize
the toughness, to good manage
our relationships with
Allah, family and friends.
We’re still human,
deficiency is surely
addressing to laziness.
We’re still human, if active,
when we repeat cleaning
the same dirtiness
When we repeat the
same prayers in stillness.
When we repeat filling up
the same dottiness.
When we repeat comfort
the same tiredness.
When we repeat doing
the same bad behaviors,
because we can’t abandon it,
we have been doing it,
its wounds bleeding
on dawn tears on horizon,
they were anyway able to
vanish at day without scar,
and were young but ingrained
in the souls.
We’re still human beings,
if the earth vomiting
the plants, and slapping
the sun at the back, listen!
“the rataplan of a drum.”
or even spitting on
the space to inviting
the hidden creatures come along.
There’re differences in
cracking hearts and
congested hearts,
expressing tragedy as
“cracking hearts” does hurt,
but letting the light
be on the theatre,
and performance is given
in a dramatic fantastic
Mr Optimism,
“the congested hearts”
as compressing the tragedy,
which only prevent
the freedom of light to come by.
Feel the grace of tragedy,
tomorrow will be the grace itself!


Remember the stars


Remember those stars
Those were above your head.
They were three aching
from loneliness, bleeding
on days, weeping at nights.
Remember the stars, when
your wounds were alive
pulsing pain from that orphan
feeling of your coming death.
On the wait, you were still
Witnessing the stars counting them
one by one for you to forget,
but they were reduced in number
burying themselves in the sky.
Oh remember those stars that
Your neighbors in sadness, they
were your good friends who
listen to you and wait for your
life to come back, while you were waiting
for death.
Remember how to repay the stars.
go back in that desert thank them
feel them, they’re still there.
Copyright@Marwa Gally
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