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Daily Selected Poems : Jossie Tequillo

Jossie Tequillo   |   Tuesday, 10 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Jossie Tequillo

Jossie Tequillo



It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I haven’t yet gone to sleep
I have no problem, am not stressed nor pissed
But my mind’s on a “happy go lucky” streak
Scavenging on its deepest recesses
That cradles a load of memories.
But tonight, I’m not in the mood to reminisce
I’ve no plans to write a novel for all my experiences.
For now, I’d just want to sleep
Am tired, rest i needed to get
Please leave me now, let me enjoy my rest
Finally, I did find my sleep
But wake up at my usual time at 6.
I loll in bed hoping to go back to sleep
But futile it is,
The aroma of hot chocolate wakes up my spirit.
Breakfast is ready, I got up to eat
And forget about my need to go back to sleep.

A Love That Wasn’t…


Handsome, fair skinned and well-mannered
He was kind to me, helping me with my projects in physics
A transferee student was I on my last year in high school
We became the best of friends
He and his friends would join my all girl group during class breaks
Our classmates used to heckle us, as a beautiful pair since we were both fair-skinned, they say
The sparkle in our eyes when we together say it all, perhaps?
Did they smell something scintillating in the air?
Yes, we got tickled by their jest
But we were young then, naive about love
Falling in love was far from our thoughts
We never talk about the special feelings we have for each other
The splendour of being together even with friends was already a blessing for us.
Days before our graduation
He gifted me a pink handkerchief
His name thinly sewed on it
After graduation, we went our separate ways
We got lost in each other
But he was often a guest in my mind
Reminiscing our happy days in school
I missed his pranks, his voice and his crispy laughter
I’d look at the handkerchief and his name on it
I wonder if he missed me as well?
A year after, I threw away the handkerchief
Many more years and everything about him was buried in oblivion
I had my career and my own family to nurture.
One day I read his name in a newspaper
He’s already a prominent medical doctor
And I am a doctor as well though in a different field, coincidence?
I still remember him so well
The floodgates opened up a memory lane of decades past
But no longer was the feeling there, no, not anymore
It was erased by time and circumstances.
Copyright@ dr jossie tequillo
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