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Daily Selected Poems :

Rafik Romdhani   |   Sunday, 04 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems :

Rafik Romdhani

Bleating from Parliament


What a feat! What a feat!
What is it all about?
Democracy starts to bleat
It must be full spring for the people
That’s their knowledge of spring
And how they make masses more sheeple.
Bleating from Parliament
From the start, Mizghinni joked it
Now it is more real than reality
But Remember the country is not for sale
Take this and don’t forget it
It is not a ranch to buy or a hare to beagle
You shout, you fight, and make fuss
And leave behind the worries of the people
Who else do you want to swindle?
All the coffers you dispatched overseas
You came like wind and blew every candle
Descended like clouds against breeze
Each with his devil under table
It fuels you with dosh ‘n you dance like fire
Devils of divisions most reliable
To offer the freakiest bleating the first flower


Copyright@Rafik Romdhani

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Posted 1:52 am | Sunday, 04 July 2021

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