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Poetry for Peace: Atika Hassan

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Poetry for Peace: Atika Hassan

The Humanity

Seven skies are covered with the black smoke of toxic gas!
A sea of ​​tears, mother’s cry, wet eyes in prayer,
Innocent baby’s bloody fingers
Continues knocking on the Almighty’s door
When to, he responds
Yet, when opens the door-lock of the superpower!
Demonic torment of the civilized people of so-called modern civilization
The earth trembling,
Yet, humanism stands like a statue
Civility in an unconscious sleep!
On the ground of the chest, hyenas are intoxicated with joy
Repeatedly poisonous gas goes through blood particles,
The holy land of Palestine is flooded with blood
The oppressed heart of the world!
The filthy subjugation carrying on own shoulder
Innocent souls are raped!
But I have no responsibility
I’m an enlightened he-man
I hide my face behind the shell of the snail
for the sake of self-interest.
The message of world peace crying in backstage
The bloody flag of brotherhood flying in the air

Translated by Faruk Ahmed Roni

Copyright@Atika Hassan

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