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Daily Selected Poems: Marie AppleMc

Marie AppleMc   |   Friday, 05 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems: Marie AppleMc

Marie AppleMc

Dark Lilac

Emblem of renewal, rebirth or spring
Catalyst of change much bliss it brings
Confidence is a sweet hymn to sing
Awakening in gladness is a great thing
Buds blossom into spiritual connection
Love that blooms through inspiration
True love stories have really no ending
One heart, one soul in synch dancing
Dark Lilac is the symbol of true love
Love in a form or a mermaid or dove
Tis also portrays a great confidence
Infinite love forever magic in essence
Love that can last for a whole lifetime
No trace of past regrets in life & love
Dark lilac offers life full of great tidings
Two souls, two heats in one wrapping
Lifting up high spirited positive vibes
A secret message of love’s time & tide
Dark lilac reminds all to focus on love
Infinite love as it is no need to prove
Copyright@Marie AppleMc
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Posted 5:29 pm | Friday, 05 November 2021

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