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Daily Selected Poems: Ritshi Thoiyani

Ritshi Thoiyani   |   Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems: Ritshi Thoiyani

Ritshi Thoiyani

The cross of a woman

The cross women carry is a
cross of crucification
A cross of pain
A cross of frustration
A cross of abuse and torture
Where all kind of inhuman act
are laid upon them
Some die in the hands of their
Many are turned into beast of
It’s the cross that has turned many
to single mother
Whereby the cross became heavy
to bear
It’s the cross that makes women
Cry foul.
The cross of a woman begins the
moment they conceive
The 9 months to many seems to be
hell in a cell
The 9 months seems to be 9 years
of slavery
And the hardship therein only a woman
can tell
Some experience a difficult time in
their lives
But all the same it’s the beginning of
a tiresome journey of hard labour
Many get tired and end up killing their
The cross of a woman is too heavy
to bear.
The cross kills
The cross cripples
The cross derails
The cross enslaves
The cross destroys
The cross brings challenging times
that ignite the fire
When a woman is crucified beyond
her reach
Hope flies away
Love grows wings and fly
Only but few who persevere
The cross of a woman is unbearable.
¶ The heart of a woman is heavily burdened, it gets coiled up, it bleeds
But the grace of God sustains them.¶


I sold my love to her

I couldn’t bare it any longer
Her love was killing me softly
Those sexy eyes as she looked
at me
I was burning with desire
Her love had vanquished me
I was helpless.,
She was hot with wet lips
That can stir emotions
My lips desired to feel their
Lost in the labyrinth of her love
Was I
With desires that had me hooked
A look at her curved bodice
Gave me a technical knockout
That’s why I sold my love to her.
I was a slave of her love
Chained by her emotions
Whenever I saw her a certain
emotion could fill my system
One sweet passionate kiss
And I felt vanquished
I was down on my knees crying
for more
I couldn’t let her go
Her wish was my command
I couldn’t do anything
She was full in my mind
And all that I thought was only
her love
I sold my love to her
Because I was vanquished.
She was the best of the best
And she knew to well the art of
true love
She knew the game of love
How to tour from north to south
From east to west
She knew the reason why she was
born a woman
Love was in her vein and once she
She did it profoundly
I sold my love to her
Simply because I was vanquished
By her sweet love.
¶ When love enters into the intense
Of the heart, and penetrates in the
bone marrow, you’re vanquished.,
Copyright@Ritshi Thoiyani
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