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Arikewusola Abdul Awal

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4th June 2021


I wandered lonely on the land
to find a fresh fruit to feed on.
A pineapple and beach apple; I found
and I stupidly plucked the latter—
I was beguiled by their skin.
I took a trudge into the forest
I saw the scary aye-aye
and a gentle giant panda, like my teddy.
I took a course to cuddle the panda,
but I was shown the irony of life.
The more I rambled, the more I see
the miscellaneous ironies of this life.
The young dies and the old stays,
the assiduous fell from the frying pan to fire,
I burned the candles from end to end,
yet, nothing is here to show the world
(the notions were confused by life’s fallacy)
I later detected, that I am residing
among the paradigms of fallacy:
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, and fiend friends;
shedding crocodile tears on the red inks
that defiles my life’s file.
But before I cognized,
I have been victimized
by their ironical appearances.
And I was lost in the Ocean
of misconception.

© Arikewusola Abdul Awal


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