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Sofia Skleida

Poet Sofia Skleida of Greece

Poet Sofia Skleida was born in Athens, Greece. She studied Philology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens where she obtained her BA, MA in Pedagogy, PhD in Comparative Pedagogy and a postdoctoral research certificate. She obtained a certification in the Braille language. Today she works as a teacher in secondary education. She took part in conferences and published articles in Greek and international scientific journals, conference papers and chapters books. She was awarded for her participation in poetry and literary contests in Greece and abroad. Her poems have been translated into Italian, English, Spanish, Albanian and Romanian. Her first poetry collection entitled Dream of Oasis (Thessaloniki, 2014), was translated and published in Italy in 2017 (won the second prize in an international competition in Milan). Her first Fairy tale entitled Geometrini was published in 2016, her second with the title The Kingdom of Joy in 2018. Some of her published works are the following: Neologisms, Melismos, Poetic Reflections, Cappadocian theological references in handwritten verses, The teaching of classical languages in the Italian secondary education, Poetic visions in Paintings, Didactic Trilogy: Body-Spirit-Soul, Educational Proposals. She is a regular member at the Panhellenic Union of Writers.


Poetry by Sofia Skleida



Lifelike a nectar
It sinks at your crossroad
I gather it ritually, unsuspecting
I adore everything that belongs to you
Like the poppies that emerge the purple
color on the meadow
As the echo of Vivaldi΄s opera
and a rock carved endlessly
from the wobble of the sea,
from the flood
of the intellectual pursuits …

The Poem awarded at the International Literary Competition «Kelaino», Μagazine of Literature and Art, Athens 2015

Dream of Oasis

To the parable of glory
the svelte girl of youth,
is imaginatively driven,
to the endless passion,
The spontaneous, mysterious life
Give her your lights
Be careful not to lose her way
Build bridges, secure stations
Of joy, dexterity, happiness
Grasp her shoulder gently
Irritate the memories
Of peaceful birds and hope …
Lead her to the delightful
Labyrinth of knowledge

The collection of poems, Dreams of Oasis (Amphictyon of Hellenism, Department of Literature, Thessaloniki, 2014 . collection was also published in Italy under the title Oasi dei Sogni, Il mondo dello scrittore, 2017)

Return to yesterday

Looking back I would change for you the fixation of the earth to
step firmly.
I would decorate the loneliness with lemon blossoms
the pain with tulips filled with sunbeams of light
the nature flooded with dew and joy of god
the bitterness with a sweet-hearted taste of happiness
the beatings of your heart with slow, sluggish awakening
your eyes with honest sincerity, so as not to lose
their color.

For that kiss

For that look, you begged by leaving
For those nights you cried, lifting all the burdens of the world
You felt betrayal flowing like sweat on your forehead
The injustice to frustrate you
The Hypocrisy to change your will
The lie to greet you with stubbornness
For that bitter kiss, we exchanged in our thoughts and kept in our souls …


Pilgrimage the loneliness
Prayer is the sorrow
And you are struggling …
Contracting, dilating
And again from the beginning
You are dissolving, crashing
Again solid
And the “Ode to joy” *
Is hanging over the remnants of the world!

* The “Ode to joy” was written in 1785 by the German Friedrich Schiller and was recorded by Ludwig Van Beethoven in 1824. In 1972 was adopted as an anthem by the European Council

All rights reserve © Poet Sofia Skleida

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