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Daily Selected Poems : Gerlinde Staffler

Gerlinde Staffler   |   Thursday, 26 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Gerlinde Staffler

Gerlinde Staffler

Missing My Sun

Stumbling heart falls over sharp pain
Missing my sun is like being in chain
Mountains so high, looking so grey and wrong
My light, lost in the sky, to you I belong
Sick waterfall bursts through hard rock
Down a sobbing valley, freed from any block
Pouring out in vivid desire to speak
To the only heart, I restlessly seek
I’ll follow the scent of heaven in air
Directing my will to find and to dare
To give a surprise to my yearning song
Quick is the night, the day no longer
Faithful to the promising velvet horizon
I gather my courage in cell and bone
Like gulls, I move over an ocean stream
To get peace in the arms of my dream


A Story of a Midnight Dream


My feet on the ground,
Whimsical toes drawing in fine sand
Prickling sea breeze on my skin
Tingling sensations rise within.
Lightful thoughts reach the starry sky
On wings of desire, they want to fly
Twinkling stars collect them with fancy
To guide them in secret lands we can’t see.
I close my eyes to float in the air
Soft wind is playing with my hair
Fingers pick a bright spot from firmament
A gift I want to lay on the palm of your hand.
Bring it near to your precious heart
Feel the rapid vibes it gives you inward
It contains my love in one piece
Joy and happiness it will release.
This is the story of my midnight dream
Written in the sand by my toes’ team
Carried by the waves out in the sea
Heard by dashing wind and brought to thee.



Dribbling Drops


Raindrops drip like drumming fingertips
On my body, on your skin
Slippery pearls slide down in fearless shine
Carrying a wild blazing fire within, yet divine.
Ignited dreams, faithful to their splendor
drop in our seabed the realisation’s anchor.

Astonished by every lively felt wet drop
Like the heartbeats that never want to stop,
Despite distance they unite our worlds.
A certainty of witnessed magical streams
Flood our souls with hearts’ pulsating words.

Rain pours out roses in white and red
Desires and wishes are intensely shared
In candid dribbling drops of a summer night.
We listen with courage and find us there right,
Where love is welcomed and reason denied.


Copyright@Gerlinde Staffler


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