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Poetry for Peace : Siva Das

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Poetry for Peace : Siva Das

Siva Das




A piece of peace always needed everybody to leave peacefully.
A life without peace menace a sky without sun and stars.
Almost all are peace lovers in the entire universe.
Who are following old and out of dated principles,
Which are not really matched by the moderns’ days.
They are destroying the peace because they are promoting
Antinationalism and terrorism among the poor society.
Few are blindly following them due to the poor brain.
The few poets and writers strongly react through their creations.
The promoters of violence are always trying to root out poets and writers.
But who are really committed never setback because they are the
Real guardians always safeguard peace and unity among human society.
If I write and speak 1000 times about the word peace, never bring any peace.
Instead we needed to become more practical, always needed to think and execute
The serious step to establish peace among our society.
Peace needed to form from the mind of human beings.
To uplift the mind of men and women, we needed to mold an educational society.
Education helps to read and accept, science, mathematics, psychology, philosophy etc.
Excellent knowledge in science helps to brighten our life.
In short, the mind always produces peace, to uplift the mind we need to educate our mind.
Education help to escape from suppositious belief, it also help to accept each
And every principle backed by science.
Science is the close friend of peace.
Follows scientific principles help to maintain peace in the universe
The same peace always helps to brighten the entire universe like the sun.

©S Das

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