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Jack Tomlinson


Jack Tomlinson

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26th April 2021


Gothic Fairytale

We rise, resistant in the shadows,
Throughout the raging demon’s storm,
When jealous hearts betray you,
Your darkest dream is born.
With you I embrace my saviour.
Together in battle,
we will unite,
Approaching the ever changing darkness, Whom banishes the light.
Nightmares whisper in the black.
No prayers can heed your call.
What allies you had
Have fled now,
As hell’s armies gear for war.
The dark warlords charge towards us,
Their tridents caging wrath,
Glaring deep into your sapphire eyes.
Don’t fall astray,
To follow the demons’ path.
With the hatred of the damned surrounding you,
In the dark I scream your name,
But within the echoes of the demons’ chants, Enslaved, you slash the vein.
The blood of you rains down on me
From the thorny demons’ grasp.
Through my slain heart
I have no more fear,
For my time has come to pass.
The midnight bells chime fiercely
As the gothic empires fall.
With their towers crashing down on us,
In the fires we stand tall.
Lying crushed and lifeless upon the dirt, Broken warriors on their back,
Our cursed bodies have been destroyed.
Our vision fades to black.
Take my hand
And suffer no more,
A gentle prophet spoke,
Eternal happiness can be all yours
And, with my saviour, I awoke.
Delicate eyes begin to lift
To the heavenly angels’ song,
Awakening in the brightness.
The darkness, all but gone.
Gazing to the white shores,
The lords’ boats began to sail
Into the valleys of the heavens
In our gothic fairytale.

© jack tomlinson

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Posted 2:09 pm | Wednesday, 02 June 2021

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