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Weekly Selected Poem: Sarada Chakraborty

Sarada Chakraborty   |   Thursday, 17 February 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poem: Sarada Chakraborty

Sarada Chakraborty

Illusive Error of Love

Sometimes without knocking on the door of your heart, it enters like a stranger.
Without care of your kind consent, build a Disney palace to live here forever as a lifetime member.
Sometimes your garden eyes wondering to get just a look to see a person,
But your mature brain knows you will never be conjugated again.
Then why does your restless, bewildered heart want to see him at a glance?
Then why does your solitary soul want to embrace that stranger tightly?
In the world of fantasy
Why is only a person ruled over your every nightdream?
Even when you get just a call from him, that stupid mind says lots though your lips unable to speak a single word.
Even when the dark cloud of his ignorant behaviour creates obstacles in between your desire for his love,
You feel more attentive to protect and nurture your dreams.
But his irresponsible nature often hits the little heart.
Then why should you allow his comforting little illusions?


Copyright@Sarada Chakraborty


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Posted 3:14 pm | Thursday, 17 February 2022 |

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