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Poetry for Peace: Mashrura Lucky

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Poetry for Peace: Mashrura Lucky

Mashrura Lucky

Burning Mistake

Over the head, the vast sky being burn by despond.
The land burning in red, you and me.
Burning Mother’s sari,  empty dixie without burn-wood
Baby milk, burning womb.

What a tragedy, people are burning and  inanimate
Burning mind! yet, weaving dreams again
I am burning like water, drowning beneath
The sun forgets its own delusion with great grief.

Burning colour in canvas pair of error in make up
Dry chest like empty desert, false splendour of colour
Move into the protest, rejoice in the pain of grievance!
One day the free breath will be full of dense faith.

Basic five rights being a burn-in blunder
The group of afflicted foolish people!
Mistake burning at my door, anxious will be burned eternal.

Translated by Faruk Ahmed Roni

Copyright@Mashrura Lucky

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