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Daily Selected Poems : Sai Prakash

Sai Prakash   |   Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems :  Sai Prakash

Sai Prakash

Apart from the wishes,
I receive each night
I too hold a dream of my own
Turning, tossing, smiling midway,
I give out a smile, unaware
Dancing in bliss, at the sight of cosmos,
with a brightly lit face
Watching from above amidst stars,
those rhymes, that I got by heart at an early age
Detached from worldly pleasures,
with my elixir drunk, eternal soul
With a pinch of salt and bread,
I welcome each and every azure
I see humanity prosper, along with the creatures
and greens around the bonfire
Celebrating their existence
for a lifetime and beyond
Hymns of compassion, equality and fraternity
rising like embers lighten up the skies
Oh! What a sight to behold,
I wish my never-ending dream finding
its reality in the human mind and action
A new dawn, sunlit morn
Creator grand, make my dream see the sunlight,
not only a single day but into eternity



Many Odes were written on the black clouds,
unable to bear the heaviness of their hearts,
pouring rains, cats and dogs, southern breeze accompanied
Watching from the window sill,
Oh! What a sight to behold
A cup of coffee to sip and enjoy the streams of water
gushing through the lanes so wide and clean
Let me throw some light on the plight of the forsaken souls
Waters mixed with gutters flowing into tiny sheds
Many fearful nights, pitch dark sights
Fearing for their valuables, near and dear
Those leaking roofs, banging doors, creaking floors
Serpertine lanes, filled with filthy garbage
Lonely cot, harbouring bodies keeping heels dry and warm
Floating belongings reaching their destinies
Unable to retrieve life long savings
Mute witnesses tied hands
Cyclonic winds lashing the faces
Stranded hopes, teary eyes mixing the Cocktail
Sour and salty, music from the tin roof never to stop
Praying for the Sun to appear bright, soaked souls to dry their notes
Raining tears, in the aftermath drizzle
Performing never ending drills



Oh! Dear let me share with you, my childhood
Those moments of splendor, etched eternally
Looking at the morning Sunshine without anything to hinder
Those droplets of dew still hanging from the edges,
those leaves in grandeur
An early morning folk song, reaching the ears
Still, in slumber, a gleeful smile appear
Stretching one’s arms, going back into the embrace of my mother
The Neem tree in the backyard inviting to have a brush with nature
Those boiling waters, embers of Charcoal, a perfect fireplace
Aroma of Coffee inviting my nostrils,
enticing my palate, a single sip, first step into meditation
Those steaming rice cakes, drawing my attention, tingy chutneys
Painting my taste buds
Walking in the southern breeze, hands in my pocket
I reach the singing and dancing rivulet, her waters pristine
Bending down with my cupped hands,
I saw my own reflection, talking back to me from silvery plane
You are the most handsome!
A pat on my back for the rest of my life
Now I miss all the splendor, I talked about
Living in a concrete clad jungle, I barely survive
Give me back my Rivulet, bring me back to life
How long can I survive?
Without a space to breathe





Quite often I ask myself this question,
with no answer insight
I repeat the same question umpteen times
All my actions questioned, scrutinized
My smiles counted and chronicled
My reactions,
noted with a frown
Each of my conversations, punctuated with enquiry,
a common question, who is on the other side!
Though appears casual to you, it pinches my soul and body,
a near interrogation
My gestures denied, a verbal submission, you insist
My burning soul refuses to comply
My civility, answering you each time
My mind murmurs, am I allowed to do the same to you!
I know the answer, well in advance,
a definite No
Keeping aside all these barbaric views,
I want to ask you a simple question at an opportune time
Do you own me?
Am I not the master of my soul and deed, leave aside my body.




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