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Weekly Selected Poems: Rajesh Kannan

Rajesh Kannan   |   Saturday, 19 March 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poems: Rajesh Kannan

Rajesh Kannan

Life’s to learn to live


Huge waves in front of me,
I see the roaring sea,
I have no previous experience to swim,
My eyes are unopened and dim.
A colony of penguins jump and dive,
Our family members are fine,
My brothers have already reached the sea,
But my heart is fearful, not free.
My father calls me with love,
My mother encourages me to dive,
My small trembling legs are not steady,
To dive I am absolutely ready.
I stand at the edge of the rock,
When the sun comes around like a clock,
Distance to the sea from me is short,
Encouragement from my parents echoes in my heart.
A jump is enough to reach the sea,
From the sea, my brothers laugh at me,
I slide down from the rock to sea,
After that my heart is so free.
Life is to learn to live,
I have learnt how to dive,
Before try, everything looks big,
After try, In the heart, we have a kick.



Love is like itch

Love is like itch,
Enchanting us as a witch,
In the beginning, it’s very sweet,
Finally, it gives great heat.
Aching for an unknown thing,
Hearts automatically sing,
Eyes widely open but dream,
In the dream, someone seems.
While days pass by, love becomes bitter,
Worries start to strongly twitter,
Lovers have to face unnecessary fights,
In the terrible and sleepless nights.
Words become arrows,
Tearing the hearts with sorrows,
In the end, lovers think love is nothing,
Trying to stop their close link.
Copyright@Dr.Rk.Rajesh Kannan
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Posted 3:02 pm | Saturday, 19 March 2022

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