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Poetry for Peace: Faqir Elias

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Poetry for Peace: Faqir Elias

Faqir Elias


The children’s skulls  fallen on the ground
Were become stone long ago!
The bird that flew from Syria-
Also lost a leg, and now speechless
Not being looked at the sky!
That roses were scattered around the Gaza Strip
You see
The widow’s latest blood stains stick in it!

In every four years of interval,
standing on the lawn of the white building
those who change the seat of the slayer,
Even they also know,  the shotted children of Palestine
those able to throw a piece of weighty stone:
and pierces in the chest of occupiers!

This is how almost five decades are passing!
Those born for premature death
O, children and teenagers, I urge you
on the face of the so-called humanists of the world
Let’s urinate Virtually      
Let them floating—
     Let them see – who have lost their motherland
What hidden scream leaving,
            Refugee tent under the heat-sun!

Translated by Faruk Ahmed Roni

Copyright@Faqir Ilias

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