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Daily Selected Poems : Sajid Hussain

Sajid Hussain   |   Thursday, 02 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Sajid Hussain

Sajid Hussain

A breath of gale

From a shallow unerring perception of shy whispering,
To grub for reminding to gouge elfish,
Itching well-bred worldly cynicism from happening,
With eternity of silence oppressing in surprise,
Currying rounds to scrub a sickening of heart,
An eager awe which creeps on my breaths,
With flattery and toadyism in beckoning motion,
Increasing gentleness of its some own creation,
To lift an utter depression of soul with urgent temper,
A challenge of ridicule makes assurance of good nature,
Sights of screen of foliage with ironic internet,
Imposing personage in an effusive air,
Across the gulf of years in withering sensation,
In a stream of thoughts recovers negation,
A wild vivacity affecting a tone of gayety,
Mossed with age an unknown night of light,
Flooded with soft golden beams of tenderness,
Peopled with sweet air at her heels,
Sweeping in woods with stream of easy talk,
Emphasis gleam of insight and delight,
A superabundance of outburst of feeling,
With compound of spacious elements creeps through trees,
A breath of gale overcomes on pretending impression.


Niceties of Difference


lapse of time tries to link with sequence,
Scenes interchange with the vision,
Once proceeds to forget, other to remember,
Interesting is to watch or to develop,
Colours of rainbow get changes for attraction,
A point of thinking makes opportunity,
For a bright disposition into alien channels,
Lonely daring soul in the dim rest,
Ponders to unmeasure prospect of leisure,
Steep onrush of life tortures to the current plays,
Only emerging stars set distinction in the sky,
Patience is for wait in monotony, on,
All the uplands of thoughts and curious flavour,
On the screen of surprise yet to appear,
Cold glare beneath edge of night,
In affectionate to tender impulses,
That hangs in my heart and soul,
What I think in the waves of gossip,
Disguised in chill in rank of social position,
A few solitary moments under the shades of,
Twilight of realities with bare footsteps.
Put me on the schedule of niceties of difference.


Without any destination


Dark evening rain and mist,
Sinistering signs give token of problematic diligence,,
Shocking astonish shrills to out silence,
The caravans of desert scatter in various ways,
Languid gait tatters and change the thinking,
Stepped back to return confronts to lose tied,
Shaped and sculptured foresight leads ahead,
Gusts of winds in rain change the frame of mind,
A narrow timorous moment whispers,
Patches of clouds swing dark shades,
Real journey is hidden in the depth of traveler’s eyes,
Which is extended in unfilled dreams,
Unpromising bewildering in unawarded way,
New journey graphics are waiting at end of ones,
Vigorously on vistas of varied in artful revel,
With unchecked heartfelt uncompromising stay,
With unparallel and inexhaustible enduring,
With unfamiliar and distant original completeness,
Of a grateful absolute of dignified embodiment,
Subsidiary and allied gestures also want to stay,
Crude and barren land of the misfortunes,
when involves with self seeking interest,
All collapses with open eyes in moments.


Copyright@Sajid Hussain

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