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Poetry for Peace: Chichi Alintah

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Poetry for Peace: Chichi Alintah

Chichi Alintah

Feel It In Nature


Just like nature, peace breathe to speak
Just like death, war is death to be silent.

Nature pleases none to appease one
Of understanding of her is the feelings
of peace.

Do we destroy nature for its hotness?
And have it no more.
Of hot it is!
Accept we accept it and feel it as it is.
Of cold, it seems!
Reject, we reject it not and feel it as it looks.

If so, be that darkness exists at night
and light shines even in darkness,
Why not feel to think, to choose to love and kill hatred
in order to breathe peace in the hearts of life.
Understanding is peace to make words sentence and sentence becomes sensible to the senses of reasoning.

So why take life and want life?
Knowing fully well that of killings is death, death of all.

Oh! Heart of bloodshed, consider war’s consequences
while alive, you’re and feel peace to create peace.

For like the graveyard war seems to kill all
and leave none
For like a desert, it wipes all living to become lifeless.

Do you need to be told?
Hmm, for when the horror of war visits you
then death you’ll wish for even before death knocks,
knock at your door, you, you of war.

Oh! Choose wisely to breathe peace, to live well and die peacefully.
War is not life; War is Death! Death of you and I.

23/05/21 ©Chichi Alintah. Nigerian

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