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Weekly Selected Poems: Mohammad Ali Aznabi

Mohammad Ali Aznabi   |   Friday, 18 March 2022 | Print

Weekly Selected Poems: Mohammad Ali Aznabi

Mohammad Ali Aznabi


Listen, all the people of all religions of the world
In the midst of only human love, real religious songs are echoed.
Religion is not so mean imprisoned in hatred and malice
It is above all – it exists in the service of all creations.
Relieving others from pains dedicating self-interest
Driving others’ pangs and carrying all sorrows in mind
It is the real religion that adorns the world with blessing
And pours love in the hearts to the tune of sacrifice.
Just going into the mosque or the church or the temple
Worshiping in disguise with a cap or a tiki or cross-
This is not religion, nor the decree of truth
Religion wants the painful, afflicted pure soul.
Feeling sadness for others’ trouble, to make others happy
To love people with a maliceless heart
Adopting the way of dedication,
Giving up lust and luxury
That is the true religion! That’s the absolute way.
Not I am Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, or Jew
Human being I am and always cry for the poor day and night.
Forget all kinds of disparities of religions and castes
Eliminate the stains of condemnation, hatred, and narrowness of the mind,
Raise up just a melody – we are human beings
After all, we are relatives close to one another
Giving hearty love, let’s share happiness and sorrow,
Uttering the words of human love in our tongues.
The Absolute Lord will laugh from the unseen Heaven
Heaven itself will descend upon the dust of the mortal world.



The Grove of Rubaiyat


Let the poetry be divinely soaked with your love
One who didn’t meet you is really empty.
Fill the heart to the brim with your
I beseech with bent head for Your gracious
light in my eyes.
My imagination is a lonely traveller in such dense midnight!
Unknown flute is playing in my deprived deep heart.
Eternal unfamiliar love is making waves in the chest of the ocean
Sighs blow in the chest – tears in athirst eyes.
For you, so many sleepless nights have been passed in quiet absorption.
Pour the fragrance of Hasnahena into my bereft broken heart.
The sleepless moon charms my eyes pouring its rays of wine
Burning flame in the heart of the stars – the eyes open with surprise!
Sleepless night becomes sweet with melodious music
Beloved’s wavy hair flies in the darkness.
In the depth of the chest play the waves of the invisible ocean
Unknowingly, the drunken lover sheds tears.
The silent tears in my heart- the solitude of unfathomable love
No one still understands – no one thinks of its mystery.
Everyone is looking at the incontinence in vain
No one has seen the deep love- stream flowing in the chest.
When the heart remains mixed in work during the day
The door of love remains closed- I can’t see you, dear!
Whenever I become immersed alone in the sweet remembrance of you
The joyous music of your love resounds in the heart.
Copyright@Mohammad Ali Aznabi
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