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Daily Selected Poems: Alemseged Sisay

Alemseged Sisay   |   Wednesday, 29 September 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems:   Alemseged Sisay

Alemseged Sisay

Cain’s Territory

The hardest melancholy in life
Stabbing them with stickes of strife
Piercing them with the hatred’s knife
Calling death-
Mort is taking innocents life.
Breathning the air of guns smocks
observing soldiers shoot shocks
While the other side fails
omiting the enemity trails
For whom that comes in the next
To walk on it and combat
To revenge for his blood
He farms a yell of men and women
Hunger and sacrifices with fire of gun
Calls ravens and falcons on the sky
Burns humans and lets the earth dry
prepares the bodies of persons to food
wipes the field with blood
that was how he slaked
To see his enemies defeated and vanished
He sing a song of victory
with his red tears tributary
He sow seeds of abomination promising the soil not to accept and incept again
those peace and amity on the land
To the next Cain’s generation
But their father beseechs the mercy
To make them one in unity
Wept sheded his face with tears
once they killed their brotherns Abels in fear
due to jeleousy and desire of Authority of power
to be blasphemied wicked
in suspecion not trusted with causualities
By all tribal children of his beloved nation nationalities
His spirit surpassed all over in the boundary
He preachs in each heart love and unity
They won’t need to listen but to diminish his strength
Went To Fight Each Other
Refused The advise Of Him given before
because they betrayed him sold his kindness to his rivalry
not wanted to be called by his name eventually
Instead, they all kill and displace brothers and sisters
By creating many new avengers
To build thier nation with dearth of resourceful Natures
To rule and opress us
Those glutton rebles Of This Country
They Won’t Give You From Their Own
But Combat You To Take Your Own
Down!!! Down To Them!!

Copyrigt@Alemseged Sisay

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Posted 6:15 pm | Wednesday, 29 September 2021

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