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Global Poet : MILDRED De Joya PAR

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Global Poet : MILDRED De Joya PAR


Poet MILDRED De Joya PAR of Philippines

Poet MILDRED De Joya PAR sometimes refers to herself sa Sappho or Nada in some of her poetic verses. A late bloomer in her 50s, she was able to earn a few recognitions in her name after winning numerous awards and recognition on various poetic platforms.

She also had appeared as a guest in two international live interviews based in India. Recently, two of her poems appeared in the newly released book by Williamsji Mavelli, “Inspire” and with Rini Valentina’s “Souls of Love”, both available on She also participated in various International Reading Festivals. Meanwhile, her poems were translated into the Arabic language by an Egyptian poet.

Much notable in writing her poems is the youthfulness and vibrance of her pp on the subject that deals with young love and its intricacies, fate and friendships. She also writes most often about the two-fold functions of literature, “dulce et utile’.


Poetry by MILDRED De Joya PAR


Total Madness

Listening to our songs on the radio
It streams my tears on the blues
Cause I so, so much missing you
What do I need to do to get over you?

From the start, we’re already bound
Both hearts not free so I truly doubt
Wether both of us can make it thru
Our hearts in a string, me and you.

We both say, “we’ll try”, try some more
Defy the norms, our loves so strong.
But in the end reality strikes, real bad
We’re lost, being mere toys of the gods.

Tell me, how can we go against fate?
Both our hearts belong to somebody
It’s total madness to break, fight reality
I’ll just love you in my heart for eternity.

I Love Him Through Mobile

I dare not shout out to the world
How beautiful our love to behold
I don’t have the courage to unfold
How do they know with mere words?

How wonderful it is to love freely
Even though you’re fàr from me…
You don’t have to worry you’ll lose me
There’ll be no others, that I guarantee.

We are now together in your balcony
Overlooking bright lights in the city
Building our future dreams, sweetly
And seal the night with a kiss, honey.

Then you suddenly turn and look my eye
Misty, teary-eyed, searching for answers
Until when we’ll be like this, o sweety?
Let’s kiss goodnight, see you tomorrow.

How can I tell him, I’d like to kiss tight
Burn our fiery bodies all thru the night
When in my hands everything is clear
Million miles. Time to turn off my mobile.

More Than Anything Else, Love

more than all the worldly noise
had I been given a choice
I just want to hear your voice.

I used to be so empty-handed
My life is also not even yet coloured
But with you, so noble, I’m humbled.

Passion moves us immensely
Our mutual love better makes us happy
Oh, sacred secret joys shared so divinely.

Simple moments, just a whisper
From somebody you love is better
Than tangible things, gold and silver.

How can I explain my full gratitude
Coz what I’ve been through, solitude
Suddenly you are, most lovely dude.

You came to honor my little world with glee
Yes, you do by sharing moments with me
A silenced look of love, gentle kiss…ooh ecstasy.


Time Is So Precious

You have the words at your fingertips
Much magic sweetness on your lips
But I’m simply confused at your motives
You are much disguised, always evasive.

I knew your song and I’d love to play along
Coz this world’s too bitter, so many sad songs.
The wind blew cold and frozen, l long for spring.
My true love, let’s sing, you are my darling.

Please come, let’s enjoy, my sweet little thing,
Don’t be so serious, were still young teens
Let’s fill our happy days, be merry and gay
With hugs, and kisses, or sweet embraces.

You are too pensive about tomorrow
You have no control even if there’s sorrow
Why not live for the moment, be conscious
Live life to the fullest, time now is so precious.


Copyright@MILDRED De Joya PA

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