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Daily Selected Poems : Eneiza Ahmad

Eneiza Ahmad   |   Friday, 09 July 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems : Eneiza Ahmad

Eneiza Ahmad

My poem right


The universe ever evolving Into violence
There is an ominous death tone
Ringing louder than a telephone
Set on maximum volume
For the near deaf
Or those still listening
From shallow graves.
Ear-piercing shrieks
Emanate from
Afternoon freaks
Gathering beneath rain clouds
To write murderous poetry,
Entangled in new vines
In the jungle of disturbed minds.
I heard mutilated words
Spoken in schizophrenic confusion
While anger flared skyward,
Incandescent heat consuming
Sacred love and harmony;
The last tattered membranes
Of crippled reason
Were disintegrating
Like dried autumn leaves
Or an abandoned lover’s needs.
Books were opening
And fluttering around
Like agitated birds,
While trapped ghosts,
Suspended in useless time,
Were frantically
Searching for holes
In the universe
Ever evolving into violence.


Copyright@Eneiza Ahmad 

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Posted 12:37 am | Friday, 09 July 2021

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