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Poet of the Day : Mildred De Joya Par

Mildred De Joya Par   |   Saturday, 26 June 2021 | Print

Poet of the Day : Mildred De Joya Par



Mildred De Joya Par

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25th June 2021

not your ordinary woman

I may look like a common, ordinary woman
nothing special, quite on a heavy frame
not so attractive, not so gentle or modest
but if you look at me with your heart’s eyes
you’ll see, I’ll transform, become better
and become the woman of your dreams.
I understand you’re looking for Aphrodite
and a strategic mind and wit of Athena
the chastity, and divinity of virgin Artemis
the regal bearing, queenly stance of Hera
but darling, once you love me, I will be
the person you ever wanted to be and more.
love gives us a new perspective, a new eye
for people we love. once hearts were struck
you’ll develop an eye that can see beyond
and so, the common, ordinary woman
that I am, will unfold like a metamorphosis
before your very eye.. goddess of your dreams.
one caution though, once the true me emerge
you have to evolve too, to be your best
coz I never love any person who is less
once you discover the real glorious me,
you must remember, you got me at my best
because you’re also the best, whom I serve.
love is the secret magic potion, a nectar
that transforms our hearts and our minds
to be the best in the eyes of our loved ones
we offer our very best, and more, ourselves
we offer to serve and bound for commitment
as we join in love, grow better than dreams.

©️ Mildred De Joya Par

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