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Rodolfo Nario


Rodolfo Nario

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29th May 2021

I wait for you

I wait for you with my armed hands of beauty,
in the right a rose colour of red passion,
on the left jasmine, white as purity,
with the soul invaded in fragrances of emotion,
And thoughts of love that roam in my head,
no matter what delay… keeps my illusion going.

The time of love stops in small verses,
And the tongue whispers between teeth a single song,
that in his letter praises your different charms,
the anthem to love embedded in my heart,
tribute to a goddess in two convergent dreams…
the name that dreamy shakes and awakens my emotion.

I hope to recognize you, more with the soul pending,
I would like to hold you in arms before the sunset comes,
And that my flowers wither tightly in their hands;
with the fear that harasses me on the rising moon,
But firm persists in where my story will end,
still restless… hope will wait for glory.

To the sunny sunrise, the soft light brings me back,
the flowers already withered the waste on my side,
I look for my forehead colors finding yellow,
picking margaritas in fresh and wild bouquet,
Then I see you arrive… you pose your eyes on me
and delivering the flowers to you… I tell you ′′ they’re for you “.

@Rudolf Nario

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