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Daily Selective Poems : Bogdana Găgeanu

Bogdana Găgeanu   |   Tuesday, 17 August 2021 | Print

Daily Selective Poems : Bogdana Găgeanu

Bogdana Găgeanu

Pen’s solitude


My purpose is to write stories
And share them on white paper
So people could read them
People use me
To open their wounded soul
But I am wounded too
And sometimes, I don’t write
Because instead of ink,
I have tears
Who is telling my story?
Bogdana Găgeanu



Love as a burden


Now, you don’t love me
I’m all a burden
Now, you don’t see me
Behind the curtain.
I was your fortune
But now you’re broke
You were a surgeon,
My heart, a joke.
A victim is another heart
To search for gold
And a new start
Cause love was sold.
Her love will be burden again
You will find others. Until when?

Copyrights@Bogdana Găgeanu

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Posted 2:00 pm | Tuesday, 17 August 2021

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