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Lyn Ramos V Alfonso   |   Tuesday, 01 June 2021 | Print

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Lyn Ramos V Alfonso


Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

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5th April 2021,  13th May 2021 and 6th June 2021


On The Wings of Fantasy

We’d been yearning to be together
To hug and feel each other
But great is the barrier between us
How can we serve our heart’s desires?
Come my love, hold my hand
Like birds we can fly above the horizon
On the wings of fantasy
We can soar high to reach the sky
Watch the rainbow’s enchanting beauty
A promise of hope for eternity.
Tonight my love
Let’s rejoice in freedom
On the wings of fantasy
Let’s wade together to our distant dream
Let’s swim with the lovely mermaids
As we explore the Indian ocean
We will rest on the wonderful seabed
Secluded from the prying eyes
Of the gossiping world.
We can celebrate our love
And feel divine ecstasy
Only on the wings of fantasy.


For a Better Humanity

We belong to only one race,
The race of humanity.
We’re all brothers and sisters,
For we are created by only one God,
The Omnipotent God, the author of creation.
Let’s poster love and brotherhood.
Let’s avoid racial discrimination.
Let’s break the barriers that divide us.
Share love and compassion to everyone.
For this is the essence of humanity.
The world is in chaos and deep affliction.
So many people are suffering of deprivation.
Let’s extend our hands to the less fortunate.
Together we can build a better humanity
Where everyone can live peacefully with pride and dignity.



(An acrostic poem was written on the occasion of World Autism Day)
Amidst the crowd, you’re on your own
Unmindful of the event that’s going on
To a world where you belong
I want to explore and dwell into
So I would know how you’d accept
My loving care, my compassion and my heart.
©Lyn Ramos V Alfonso
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