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Daily Selected Poems: Dusmanta Choudhury

Dusmanta Choudhury   |   Sunday, 21 November 2021 | Print

Daily Selected Poems: Dusmanta Choudhury

Dusmanta Choudhury

Her Love Is A Shrine

Her love is as cool as moonshine
Like a heaven shrine, where I whine
A flash of a flowery window is seen
In my inner eye, her love has a sheen
Think I to be it beyond human reach
Yet I get her sweet music of speech
Who can ever meet fate, know not
As if her sweet love can touch heart
Here rise there fall, is a time’s game
Her love on earth is crowning fame
Meets my soul here on glory’s path
In crimson her love gets a new birth
Boundless is her wealth of true love
Pearls & pomegranates, no so above
Never can a life, be made wretched
If her true love is so lovingly fetched
So soft so sweet so tender in taste
All divine fruits do beneath her rest
May all musicians tune golden harp
Can’t reach her love tune’s a scrap
Copyright @Dusmanta Choudhury
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Posted 4:32 pm | Sunday, 21 November 2021 |

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